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8 Performance Art & Performed Networks of Relations

April 3, 2011

For the following activities, I will be gearing them toward my Foundations of Art classes which are introductory high school art classes of 32 students.

Based on Steve’s story:

A multi-perspective view of the same object over a single day.
For this assignment, I will produce an image or an object (like a wrench) and have the students describe how various people/objects would view the object.  I would ask them how a baby, an adult, the blind, a plumber, an astronaut, a nut, a piece of piping, a cat, a shark, a tree, planet earth, an alien.  And finally, I would have them list four of their own. 
After seeing how this activity progressed, I would potentially have the students find their own object or picture and repeat the process creating their own list of people, creatures, and objects.
After seeing how this activity progressed, I would have the students take a new object and tell the object’s story from several different people, creatures, and objects’ points of view during the duration of a day, a month, a year, a century.

Based on March’s story:

Two (or more) specific people’s view of the same instant in time with explored cultural presuppositions.
For this activity, I will show my students an artwork with at least two people present in the work.  I will have the students create the view of each person in the work with possible stereotypes and preconceived notions about the other person in the work.
For example, I would show them George Bellow’s Cliff Dwellers and have the students describe the woman on the balcony’s point of view, the little boy in the center’s point of view, and the bald man’s point of view.  I would have them describe each of their days, and what events led them to this point in the day.  I would have them describe their thoughts as they see the others.  Finally, I would ask the students how each person feels about the other in regards to gender, age, race, living environment, and situation.
George Bellow’s Cliff Dwellers

Based on Rodney’s story:

Bringing something real and unpleasant to the public’s eye.
I will have the students think about something in their school environment, in their neighborhood, their home, their workplace, or the place where they spend their free time.  I will have them find something that the majority of society would like to keep hidden because maybe it’s not aesthetically pleasing or it’s something that most people don’t like to think about and find some creative way to bring it to the attention of many people in that space.  They could think of some kind of mural, poster, sculpture, or performance piece that will be put into the space to bring this unpleasantry to light.
For my example, I thought of having a “live” screen of what moves through the sewer pipes under the city.  I would display this screen in the town center where all people could see what they’ve contributed to the sewer system.
Images from:
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  1. April 17, 2011 11:43 pm

    These are 3 excellent ideas. I hope you bring them into the unit in Exploration 9

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